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‘SNL’ Perfectly Sums Up What Going Home For The Holidays Is Like (Video)


Aside from the once-yearly opportunity to indulge in a gut-busting (and totally free) feast, going home for Thanksgiving comes with some serious perks.

Those perks — including access to a fridge full of free food, free laundry and free WiFi (sense the theme here?) — are outlined in this hilarious rap performed by the ladies of “Saturday Night Live” and host Cameron Diaz.

Aside from being a comedic masterpiece, everything in this song by the Back Home Ballers is scarily accurate in regards to how most of us act (ie, like spoiled brats) when visiting our parents.

Since it was uploaded yesterday, it’s already been viewed on YouTube over 445,000 times, with most commenters agreeing that the lyrics are relatable and completely on point.

Consider this your official anthem for the holiday season (and don’t forget to thank Mom and Dad for sharing the love).

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