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This Mom Is Left To Wonder If Her Parenting Style Ended Up Taking Her Son’s Life


I can remember as a young child crawling into my parents’ bed and curling up with them when I found it hard to sleep at night.

There was always something so nurturing and comforting about having my parents close to me in slumber that just couldn’t compare to sleeping in my own bed.

This same notion is shared by many parents of babies who want to keep their children as close to them as humanly possible, thus the co-sleeper crib was born. Many of them attach directly to your existing bed and provide parents with a worry-free way to check on their children throughout the night.

But as one unfortunate mother found out, the practice comes with its fair share of devastating pitfalls.

When Amanda Saucedo awoke in the middle of the night to her one-month-old son, Ben, fussing in his co-sleeper, the mother quickly removed her infant from his crib to feed him before falling back asleep.

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By the time her alarm had gone off at 8 a.m. Saucedo made a gruesome discovery. Ben laid lifeless in her bed surrounded by a small pool of blood. The tiny infant was pale and his nostrils were curled down.

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