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Christian Parenting Affirmations

This last summer, as I was preparing to give birth to my third child, I wrote out some labor affirmations on note cards. Affirmations—statements meant to encourage, inspire, and energize—are helpful during labor because delivering a baby (vaginally or via C-section) is strenuous, requiring a lot of mental and physical energy. As I was caring for my other children while recovering from having my baby, it occurred to me that what I really need is parenting affirmations. Though the exertion of childbirth last hours or days, the exertion of parenting lasts a lifetime.

Over the last few weeks I took note of discouraging thoughts that entered my mind while I cared for my kids. I’ve come up with the following affirmations to combat these discouraging thoughts.

(Click on the image to view and download a printable version of the affirmations.)

Please keep in mind that there is nothing magical about affirmations. They aren’t wishful thinking, nor are they New Age incantations. They are simply a way to speak truths from Scripture to ourselves so we might be encouraged (Romans 15:4).

What affirmations would you add? What truths encourage you when parenting gets tough?

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