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Not gonna lie. This one’s for me. I currently have about 50 tabs open on fun activities to do with babies/toddlers between 14-16 months, and wanted to summarize them for myself and my husband. So I thought to myself, Hm. Where should I make this list? Microsoft Word? OneNote? Email? …I wish I could just put it on my blog so either Ben or I could find it really quickly on our phones whenever we needed. Oh heyyy… there’s an idea. I do actually search stuff on my own blog (especially recipes) pretty frequently, so I decided to compile my list here for me and for you :).

Anyone with a young child (or expecting to have one in the future) can benefit from this list! Experienced parents, pleasepleasePLEASEpleaseplease add ideas to the comments below! You of all people know how wonderful it is to come across a tried-and-true activity to change up the long afternoons with our little ones!

I sorted the activities into easy, medium, and hard. The easy activities are things you can do pretty much anywhere, anytime. They require little to no purchases or material preparation. The medium activities are still fairly simple, but require you to dig up some materials (scarves, clothespins) or purchase others (blocks, bubbles). Once you have the materials, though, you can consider it one of your “easy” activities. The hard activities are more involved– for the parent. They require more preparation (finger paints), cost (sand and water table) and/or clean-up. They are the kind of activities I would choose on my more ambitious days.




I hope you find these activities pin-worthy :D. When writing this, I imagined parents could refer to this list on a slow afternoon when they’re feeling like they need a new “easy” or “medium” activity. So I didn’t include too many pictures to make it easier for you to scroll and scan ideas on your smart devices. It’s not as pretty, but it’s more practical, right? 🙂

By the by, I came across this website during my research: www.productiveparenting.com, and played around with it a bit. Looks like a great resource to find educational, enjoyable, and age-appropriate activities for your child! Also, many of the ideas I shared here were from babycenter articles.

Hope it’s helpful! Please feel free to add more in the comments below! =D

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5 responses to “Activities to Do with a Toddler”

My current go to in the kitchen is giving 18 month old Jim a whisk and a bowl of water with a tiny drop of something in it – food colouring gel, detergent, oil, – and letting him whisk away. We like to call it “whisking it all” – sometimes that is what it feels like, but it is great for hand eye coordination plus he feels included while I am cooking at the stove and can’t have him on my hip (his favourite kitchen spot!).
Thanks for the great list!

What a fun idea! Even my three year old would love to whisk away unsupervised, I’m sure! Thanks for the idea!

That’s an awesome list! These days, Elf mostly shadows Munchkin and wants to do what he does… it makes for interesting play sometimes, but I sometimes do need ideas for those days when Munchkin is at school… 🙂

THANK YOU! These are great ideas. My daughter is 14 months and we’ve been doing a lot of these. I love the scarf idea. . .she is already an avid dancer so we might try that. She helps me with the laundry. I put a basket of wet clothes on the laundry room floor and she puts them into the dryer. . .along with whatever stuffed animal is attached to her hip 🙂 This age is so fun. For her birthday I gave her an old makeup bag that has tons of compartments and hid little treasures in there. . .stuff from our kitchen, magnets, etc. Didn’t spend a dime. She still tries to pack the makeup bag with little things. I’m bookmarking all your ideas!

Hooray! I am glad you find them useful! Yes, I am enjoying this age a lot, too! I love the creative birthday present– sounds similar to the purse idea, but even more fun :). Thanks for sharing!


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