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Life Update: Parenting Is STILL Kicking My Tail – Brooklyn Active Mama


Life Update: Can I just blog three words? “Sh*t is Cray”

Because it’s true. When I was pregnant I had no idea what was coming–I mean I DID but also–I totally didn’t! My transition to being a mom of two was remarkably easier than this. I was spoiled by a very quiet & chill baby in my middle son…so I naturally thought this transition would be better because….experience, right? Nope.

Momming On A New Level

The sheer amount of things to remember has quadrupled. From remembering project due dates, to pediatrician appointments, to IEP meetings–It’s a WHOLE LOT. I worry about my brain sometimes because the intense amount of information that is being balanced is probably over working any brain cells that I have left.

My eldest two children are a fantastic help with the baby. I am actually relieved when they get home from school because I can depend on them to distract Jasmine while I do basic things like wash her bottles or simply wash my face or even answer an email. The hard part though? Homework. My 2nd graders homework and projects are kicking my tail.

My 4th grader is still struggling in school, terribly. I made the decision to take him off medication this year and unfortunately a new school brought new issues. The staff at this school genuinely cares about him and his well being (which is SO much more than I got from his last school) however, the kids in this new school has taught him all kinds of bad things and he has absolutely no desire to learn–at all. I am no longer getting daily phone calls from exhausted school officials and he hasn’t been suspended at all this year…so progress? (It’s such a good think I don’t drink like that because I’d be a raging alcoholic by now)

My mom, a former Assistant Principal, has been going to his class and working with him daily to try to right the ship. She has gone way above and beyond any grandmother ever should. She is literally in his classroom every single day, takes him to her house, then drops him off with me so she can go and get my middle. I mean…she is an absolute Godsend. My personal Angel.

We have a hospital appointment for him at the end of the month with a neurologist. I am hoping to get SOME answers, ANY answers. It is extremely exhausting for the entire family, but I’m not giving up. I will try every single doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist on the planet until we get this under control. He is a Black/Latino boy that will become a Black/Latino MAN sooner than later. I need to do all I can NOW to get him the help he deserves. It’s my job to raise a healthy human and put him in the world…I take that responsibility seriously.

In the meantime, he continues to thrive in his extra curricular activities. He is still taking vocal lessons, his theater class has been amazing, and now he is in a cartooning class that he is doing FANTASTIC in. It’s just the school bit we need to figure out. Pray for me. For Us.

Newborn Life

Jasmine is an incredible 10 weeks old. That was FAST. She’s cooing and smiling and following me around. Her dad is completely obsessed with her (and so am I to be honest, but I like to play it cool).

She is not sleeping. I didn’t expect her to be at this early stage but not sleeping at night, trying to still *work*, cook, clean–it’s a lot. My middle child would dream feed and go right back to bed. He eyes are WIDE open until 1am, gets up a couple time in between, then guess who is up at 6am because the children have to go to school? YOU GUESSED IT.

I know this is a difficult time, and like all of them, this will pass eventually. Regardless of all that is happening I am sincerely grateful for my very interesting family of five, they were simply made for me and I was made for them. Regardless of how crazy they all drive me.

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