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Love and Logic Book Review – The Best Parenting Book Ever


I’ve been raving about the book Parenting with Love and Logic since I first started this blog in 2016, so it’s about time I did a book a review on it.  I love reading books! Naturally when I found out I was expecting my first child I read tons of parenting books.

As my son progressed from the baby phase, to the toddler, to the phase young child phase I’ve continued to read more and more parenting books.  I have an entire bookshelf filled with parenting books alone!  Despite reading dozens of parenting books, my all time favorite parenting book remains the first one I ever read, Parenting with Love and Logic.

In college I took a child psychology course and one of the reading requirements was the Parenting with Love and Logic book.  At the time having kids wasn’t even on my mind.  However, the book changed the way I looked at every child I saw.

It opened my eyes to a new style of parenting.  The book encouraged disciplining in creative, thoughtful ways that teaches children to think about their actions.  It teaches parents how to be extremely loving without being pushovers.  I enjoyed reading the author’s personal trials and triumps of raising his three children, being a teacher, a principle, and later an educational administrator.

The book made me laugh, cry, and reflect on the type of parent I wanted to be.  Most of all it gave me the tools I needed to handle any situation with my three children in a calm, loving, thoughtful manner.

I’ve read, re-read, flipped through, reviewed sections, highlighted and quoted the Parenting with Love and Logic book more times than I can count.  It truly is a book every parent should read at least once.

Parenting with Love and Logic book is a quick and entertaining read. I often have my book on the nightstand and read it for a few minutes before I go to bed.  No matter how bad of a day I’ve had with my children, reading a few pages in the book gives me the tools I need to make the next day better.

There are three versions of the Parenting with Love and Logic book that give parenting advice for newborns all the way to eighteen years old.  I’d recommend getting all three books, so you’ll have great parenting advice at your fingertips for every stage of your child’s life.

Parenting with Love and Logic for Early Childhood gives practical parenting advice from birth to age six.  The book cover is quite dull.  However it’s an entertaining read and well worth the twenty-two dollars.  It gives amazing tips and funny stories that will teach and delight parents with babies who value a structured household, predictable schedule, and positive discipline.

Parenting with Love and Logic is the original book in the series.  It teaches the basic principles of thoughtful, loving parenting techniques.  The advice in it is geared towards school age children.  It’s full of the authors’ humerus stories as he raised his three children, taught elementary school, and served as a principle.  This book will have you crying, laughing, and thinking deeply about the type of parent you want to be.

The final book in the series is Parenting Teens with Love and Logic.  I know this book has to be amazing, because the first two books are so good.  However, I haven’t read it yet because my oldest son is only six.  For now, I’m going to focus on kindergarten problems and leave those teenage problems for the future.  However, it does make me feel so much better having the book sitting on my bookshelf, so I know I’ll have it the day my son becomes a teenager.

While I absolutely love the Parenting with Love and Logic book series, it’s not for everyone.  If you’re a parent who believes in physically disciplining your children with spanking or hitting, you most likely won’t like these books.  It’s also not a favorite of the attachment parenting moms because it encourages setting firm boundaries and creating a very structured household.

If you want to raise your children with thoughtful, loving parenting techniques that have worked on thousands of kids from all backgrounds, you need to start reading Parenting with Love and Logic right away.  Keep the books on your nightstand and read a few pages a night.  It will make your life as a parent so much more enjoyable!


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