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Formal education is just one component.

Not so long ago, I happily, quickly and lovingly landed myself in an instaparent role to a beautiful eight year old named Trevor. Before we met, my brain was filled with loads of “when I’m a parent I will ____” and “my future kids will never eat/do/say/behave ____.” Boy, was I wrong. Along with eating my words more times than I can count, about food, medicine, behavior, discipline, toys, cleanliness, dressing, etc, I’ve also learned a ton and brought forth things I find important to teach this young human, so he can be the best Trevor he can be in his life. Below, I’ve organized things I want to teach him in his youth hood, so he’s prepared for adulthood with tools to navigate through life with confidence and ease. These are things my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents taught me, and things I’ve learned along the journey to parenthood:

These are but a very few simple things that come to mind to share with Trevor in our years ahead. What are you sharing with your youngsters to prepare them for the world ahead? How do you determine what’s relevant now, what will be relevant in their adulthood?

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Photo: ‘Wipe you face” by Artbytosca used with permission.

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